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About Korean culture...

Korean culture is very unique and full of interesting traditions. The people are very kind and always showing respect to the elders and family. Koreans also believe in sincerity and loyalty, following certain codes of conduct while meeting, eating, praying, and celebrating.

At times when many other cultures would shake hands, Korean bow.

Koreans values include protection of the family and hard work. Their cuisine is based on rice, vegetables, and meat.

Welcome to our bar...!

What is a karaoke bar in South Korea? Well, karaoke bars are very popular in Asia! Believe it or not, Asian people love to sing!

How does it work? Guests come to karaoke and the manager gives them a room. They can come alone or in a group. There is a good karaoke system and TV with many English, Russian, Korean and Japanese songs. All you have to do is to choose your song and start to sing with your friends!

About the job...

Would you like to make money by having fun? If yes, you are at the right place! If you have a good and happy personality, this job is right for you!


Your job is to speak with the guest, make a good atmosphere, dance (if you like), and sing (no need to be good at it). Your working time starts at 20:00 pm and finishes around 04:00 am. Girls make approximately 3000$ – 6000$ per month! You are paid by the hour. One hour is 30.000 WON or 23$ (plus you have many tips from gusts)! Girls work every night for approximately 5-8 hours. Also, if you prefer, you can get a guaranteed salary. You can take 3 days off in a month.

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Tickets and visa...

Your visa will be made by us. Your ticket is paid by us, in this case, you will stay in Korea for 3 months (no matter from which country you are coming). In case you will stay less, your ticket price will be shared with you. The ticket is paid for only one way (to come to Korea). Your responsibility is to buy a ticket to go back home or to some other country.

Apartment, food, driver...

You get a very nice and comfortable apartment close to your workplace. In room can be 2-3 girls. You get a gym in the building as well. Food is paid by you (have many restaurants and markets around your place). The driver will take you to the work and bring you back as well, and he will also wait for you at the airport, on your arrival date.

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Feel free to ask us any questions! WhatsApp and Viber calls avaliable

South Korea jobs (for girls)

Here are the only things that we need:

Hostess and consummation in karaoke bar

Girls at age from 19 – 35

City, country and language knowledge are not important

English and Korean speaking is an advantage

Happy Stories

I had an amazing experience working in this karaoke bar. My co-workers were amazing, helpful, and very kind. I made very good money and at the same time had so much fun. 


You are getting paid every day after work and I think that is amazing. I also had very good tips. I am very thankful for this job and experience and definitely i will be back soon! 

Valentina (28), Russia


Hello everyone. My name is Margit and I worked for this bar for about 6 months. Our conditions were very good. The apartment is so big and comfortable and most important very close to the workplace (about 5 mins by car). 

The management team is very good, always there for you if you need any help. The atmosphere in the bar is awesome. People who are visiting are very cheerful and fun. I recommend everyone to come!

Margit (22), Hungary


Hi people! Just want to share my experience of 8 months in Korea. South Korea is the safest country in the world. Very organized as well. The food is so delicious. 

If you are a coffee lover you can find a coffee shop on every corner. People are so so kind. I loved living there. I think all of you should come to experience this lifestyle at least once in life.

Mila (31), Moldova


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